Documents and Licenses

Additional documents and licenses may be required in certain states. To review your business needs, please contact us at 951-652-4600 (California) or 936-465-9007 (Texas).


This may be needed if a company is transacting business in another country (outside the US) and needs to verify the authenticity of a particular company document. It is typically utilized for the establishment of a contract or when establishing a bank account in another company.

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) Obtainment

This is an IRS requirement for businesses to process financial transactions. Many banks and other businesses require an EIN to transact business.

Certificate of Good Standing

This document shows confirmation from the state that a company may conduct business, and has complied with all state requirements.

Certified Copy

This is a copy of the documents filed with the state.

Business License Application Package

Researching the various business licenses and permits required for your particular business and state(s) of incorporation can be time consuming. Let us handle the research, while you focus on your business.

Company Forms CD

Satisfying corporate formalities can be difficult for small businesses to accomplish because of limited time and staff. Our Company Forms CD makes it easy to customize your necessary forms. You can also save and print them to file with your corporate records.

Compliance Kit and Seal

Our Compliance Kit and Seal make the process of adhering to ongoing formalities and compliance events easier. It’s also perfect for storing records. Includes a customized binder, seal, ownership certificates, transfer ledger and a sample internal governance document.

State Name Availability Search

Also referred to as a State Name Check, this service identifies if a company’s desired name is already in use in a particular state or by another business that’s incorporated or registered to transact business there.

State Name Reservation

If you incorporating your business and would like to reserve your desired name in additional states (that you plan to foreign qualify in), you can do so with state name reservation.